Customized Medical Billing Services

Individualized Services Created to Solve Your Problems!

Some of our customers have more specialized needs, and prefer a more customized package of services. Our Customized Medical Billing Services are a good choice for you if you don’t meet the criteria for our Regular Services, if you need us to keep track of authorizations for you, or if you have other specialized needs.

Tracking Authorizations

For some practices, obtaining and tracking authorizations for services is a crucial part of the billing process.  We have a comprehensive system to obtain and track authorizations, and to give you reminders when the number of sessions remaining is getting low, or the authorization is about to expire.

Benefit Verification

Some practices would like us to do a complete benefit verification prior to the first visit.  When you receive a phone intake from a new patient, you fax this to us, including the demographic and insurance information.  Within 4 business hours, we will obtain the following information and fax it back to you:

  • Is this a valid policy?

  • Is any authorization required?

  • Is the provider you intend to assign the case to in or out of network?

  • What is the co-pay?

  • Is there a deductible?

  • What is the correct claims mailing address for paper claims, and do they accept electronic submissions?


All of the services under the individualized plan are individually priced, depending on which services best meet your needs and other aspects of your practice.  These prices are competitive, and in some cases may even be lower than our Regular Services.  To receive an individualized price quote, please call us at (888)507-0727.