Microsoft Edge Update 17 July 2020 - What you need to know.

If you are a Windows 10 user, you are probably familiar with Microsoft's newest Internet browser, Microsoft Edge. And if you have used your Windows 10 machine recently, you probably have noticed Microsoft Edge's icon has changed, as well as their marketing campaign for Microsoft Edge. I myself turned on several Windows 10 machines a couple days ago and was immediately bombarded with Microsoft Edge ads and pop-ups regarding the newest update released 17 July 2020. It was quite annoying, but it triggered my curiosity enough to do some research.

To be perfectly honest, the days of Internet Explorer left a sour taste in my mouth. The interface itself, in my opinion, became ineffective for day-to-day use. So when Microsoft distributed their new browser to replace it, I was not very optimistic. I had abandoned IE and started using other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, as did most of my colleagues, friends, and family. Nevertheless, as Microsoft does, they continued to push their own flavor of everything, relentlessly.

Early this year, Microsoft released a new Chromium-based version of Microsoft Edge. With the release of the "new" version of Edge, Microsoft's Edge development team decided to base a lot of the Edge Browser on the "Chromium" browser project. Chromium provides the underlying technology for Google's "Chrome" browser, and now it's used for the Edge browser as well.

So the good news, hopefully, is if you're already a avid Edge user, your experience should improve. And if you're not, that's okay too. Thank you for taking the time to read this post. If you are at all interested to learn more about this update, check out the links below. We would love to hear your feedback. Feel free to comment and share this post with friends, family, and colleagues.

Edge Improvements and Fixes

Versions of Edge

Release Notes for Microsoft Edge Stable Channel

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Dan Ogle

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