Pana-Tech: Support by Appointment 

Listen, we know you can predict when things will go wrong and they never go wrong at a convenient time.  So if your computer goes down, or gets sick but you're in the middle of something important, we don't have to but in and make things more inconvenient than they already are.

Email or call in to our helpdesk and schedule a specific time that works best for you.

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Panacea Solutions is a company made up of extremely talented and motivated individuals.  Each one of us bring important tools to the table to serve our companies purpose.  That purpose is to be the one you trust to help secure your technology, solve your technology problems and answer your technology questions.

Looking for an ally that you can count on to make and keep technology working for you?  Schedule your free business or home network assessment today!

For immediate service call: 920.309.6133